Documentary Music for Videos

Background music in a documentary film is just as important as the story behind and the footage. Together you get a whole other picture of the movie when the music enhance the emotions of the documentary.

License Documentary Music for your Film Project

If you want to use this background music in a video project, Click on the title to buy a license and a high quality wave file for your movie before you entertain your audience.

Cinematic Documentary.  Groovy atmospheric sophisticated background music for video with soft cool suggestive dark atmosphere.

Use as cool documentary underscore,  news music bed, timelapse movie and more,

Cinematic Dark Documentary Piano. Cinematic reflective piano in slow down tempo: 80 bpm. Deep calm solo piano with low-key vague emotional feeling.

Deep minimal piano for narrative interview or other documentary film.

Cinematic Documentary.mp3 Cinematic Dark Documentary Piano.mp3