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I do quite a lot of background music for animals. I think it's very fun to compose wildlife music and nature scenes and try to catch the movement and emotions of the pictorial scene. If you are looking for animal music for your video I might be able to help you. Click on the tracks and take a listen of what I do. I mainly license my music in a non exclusive royalty free license agreement but I can of course work exclusive for a higher rate. I love to make scores for animals chase and flight, insects moving and marching or a bird sitting in tree looking at the sky. I imagine and hum and catch the feeling of the scene to let's say an elephant standing in the desert on it,s way ahead into the jungle. I also take very detailed attention to the narration. Sometimes I start with playing my piano and lay out a few chords with some earth sounds from my synthesiser or pads with orchestral strings. It depends on the scene and of what you want me to compose for your video. I can compose all the emotions you want me to. I do both happy tracks with ukulele and piano which might fit for lighter funny videos and I have my orchestral symphony in my computer for a haunting lion in action. If you want I can edit my already made tracks to suite your film production. These background tracks suites of course in other film video

projects too. This is just a few examples of animal backing tracks. I have much music for wildlife and nature movies.

Wildlife Production Music for licensing on Pond5

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Serious. is dreamy cinematic reflective ambient background track in slow tempo with piano, harp, bass, percussion and electric guitar. I see canoes paddling down the river with crocodiles in ambush.

Piano solo. version of Emotional Piano & Strings. Inspiring cinematic soft sweet background music with light sensitive elegant soulful dreamy touching feeling. As a track when the nature and wildlife wakes up from a long night and the day begins with an animal facing a new day.

Suspenseful tension haunting panic.mp3 Suspenseful tension haunting panic.mp3

Warm Positive Light. is gentle soft traditional American folk background music with vibrant elegant wholesome atmosphere. 
Piano, acoustic guitar, harp, string fiddle, bass, pads and drums in rhythmic medium tempo.

Thought to be used as light bright background track in an animal film.

Suspenseful tension haunting panic.mp3

Grand Nature. is orchestral nature music with big majestic beautiful emotional cinematic feeling. Cinematic dramatic music with a strong powerful sad beautiful emotional melody. Made as an intro or ending to an animal wildlife video.

Suspenseful tension haunting panic.mp3

Strolling Piano and Strings. is an upbeat classical orchestral background track in medium tempo.
Made as happy dynamic building underscore for many settings like animal TV and more
Mood: flowing vibrant marching pulsating lively strong

I think this will fit in many different wildlife situations like insects working or birds looking for food and other close up camera scenes.

Suspenseful tension haunting panic.mp3

Wildlife Music for Licensing