Epic Background Music for Trailer Movies

Dramatic video tracks

Dramatic tracks for videos can both be powerful and inspiring. It's used almost everywhere. As workout beats in a gym or in an epic trailer video, background music for a website. Many TV sports competition programs use epic intense cinematic tracks in the background. Epic music motivates and inspires. And of course in cinema, just think of Hans Zimmer, so many absolut top notch scores he has made with epic dramatic music.

Some of the top YouTube Videos & Trailers use epic cinematic music in their videos.

Human’s love to our grand nature from a drone footage combined with the power of epic music motivates and inspire us to the impossible and evokes a lot of emotional feelings.

The music creates a sense of victory and heroic power that takes you along on a ride full of deep confident power.

It's often made by a fast staccato pattern of strings which is the foundation of the composition. It builds up to a heroic powerful crescendo with big pounding drums and a beautiful cinematic powerful melody with horns, trombones and violins.

Today you also have the epic hybrid orchestral track where you combine classical orchestral instruments with electronic elements to achieve the perfect epic sound.

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Epic collection. Over 75 tracks for licensing and to use as: background in an action film, dramatic tracks for cut scenes in a video game, sports film , nature and drone footage, credit roll soundtrack, backing track for adventure movie etc.





Piano Adventure.mp3

Piano Adventue. Orchestral epic heroic background music with adventurous feeling. Heroic epic inspiring track with strong victorious emotion. Orchestral adventure music with a driving piano. Perfect as intro music in a movie trailer, grand beautiful nature video scenes. Background music in an exciting video game trailer or cut scene etc.

Powerful Gothic Choir.wav Epic Exciting.wav

Epic Exciting. Victorious majestic trailer track with powerful rhythmic staccato strings and drums in a fast tempo. Epic Hollywood action for glory & honor. 
Use as: epic action intro music in a powerful intense action video game, background music in an exciting sports competition or championship contest, haunting action music for beautiful nature scenes, credit roll soundtrack for the end of an adventure movie etc.

Powerful Ghotic Choir. Powerful gothic soundtrack trailer music with big choir, powerful drums, strings and brass, in medium tempo. The track starts soft and building up to an enormous crescendo with an intense dramatic majestic choir. Think Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana with his strong powerful choir melted together with dark medieval choir. Strong big choir with forceful dark epic feeling. Made for use as soundtrack in a video montage trailer, medieval video game, game play, epic fantasy adventure video etc.

Cinematic epic soundtrack trailer.wav

Cinematic Epic Soundtrack Trailer. Intense epic orchestral music, Cinematic majestic piece for adventure fantasy film, Intense rhythmic string section builds up to a big orchestral Hollywood finale with big pounding drums and brass for your next epic video trailer or movie.

Epic Heroic Victory.wav

Epic Heroic Victory. Pompous trailer music with a modern dramatic cinematic feeling. Cinematic dramatic background music with a strong powerful sad heroic beautiful emotional melody.

Heroic Trailer.wav

Heroic Trailer. Majestic trailer score with a modern rhythmic dramatic cinematic feeling. Cinematic dramatic trailer track with a strong powerful sad beautiful emotional mood.

Trailer Music for Licensing

Epic Glorious Victory.mp3

Epic Glorious Victory. For big epic majestic pompous trailer video. Cinematic dramatic Hollywood score with a strong powerful heroic emotional feeling. 
Inspired by Hans Zimmer , Audiomachine, Two steps from hell, Immediate music, Thomas Bergersen among many others.