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The free royalty free background music on this page is licensed under Creative commons license Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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Carefree is a free groovy optimistic happy acoustic old swing jazz. Feeling good music with happy easy ukulele, piano, clapping, bass and drums in medium fast tempo. Creative commons license 4.0


Cheerful is 90 sec happy optimistic acoustic feeling good music with ukulele, bells, glockenspiel, clapping, bass and drums with a pleasant sprightly playful feeling in medium fast tempo. Creative commons license 4.0


Elevating is inspirational positive free background music with a easy light modern emotional electronic driving optimistic feeling in medium fast tempo.


Majestic Epic Hero is grand big orchestral underscore with pompous epic strings, drums, choir, piano and brass in slow tempo. Creative commons license 4.0

Majestic Epic Hero.mp3

Soft Acoustic Background is calm peaceful emotional acoustic background music with a soft thoughtful reflective atmosphere. Acoustic guitar, muted guitar harmonics, harmonica, bass and drums in medium slow tempo.

Soft Acoustic Background.mp3

Soft Ballad is soft friendly thoughtful positive emotional background music with a sweet discreet calm hopeful romantic atmosphere. Acoustic guitar, piano, strings, bass and drums in slow tempo.

Soft Ballad.mp3

Soft Inspiration is inspiring upbeat emotional calm soft dreamy smooth background music with a modern driving upbeat feeling with acoustic guitar, strings, synth, bass & drums in medium fast tempo. Creative commons license 4.0

Soft Inspiration.mp3

Triumphant is neat upbeat happy catchy acoustic free music with happy beautiful bright alert inspirational feeling good emotion with sincere strings, mallets, guitars, bass and sprightly clapping, rhythmic drums.


Uplifting is inspirational cool upbeat successful pop music with a catchy cheeky modern uplifting positive energy to motivate.

Guitar, muted guitar, bass & drums in medium fast tempo.

Uplifting.mp3 At night ambience.mp3

At night ambience is slow soundscape with string orchestra for mystic horror video game or as a nightmare background music in a mysterious film.

Death race.mp3

Death race is heavy fast rock music for video as background in a clip with speed. Made as extreme sports, motor in mind or other films where you want a touch of metal rock to support your film. Creative commons license 4.0

Irish happy folksy guitar.mp3

Irish happy folksy guitar is happy free acoustic guitar track with a nice groovy beat and a happy feeling.

Acoustic background music with Creative commons license 4.0

Johnny got the cash.mp3

Johnny got the cash is uplifting Johnny Cash inspired track with a driving beat. Creates a cool feeling with dynamic changes. Creative commons license 4.0

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Remember that the free music on this page is licensed under (CC BY-NC 4.0) Creative commons license Non Commercial 4.0 International

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