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Corporate background music is used in videos to get attention for their message. The background track is there to highlight, support and enhance the vision in advertising, motivation videos and to create optimism among the viewers.

Choosing the right uplifting and inspiring background track can be a tricky thing. It’s a process of identifying your target audience and finding the best music that appeals to the majority of them.

Video editor's use corporate music to make their videos awesome and to standing out. Music makes the project more appealing with the right emotion supporting the picture and narration. A plain presentation with right information is good but with the right tracks it gets much better.

Corporate music has many different moods, melody's and tempos depending of the emotions you want to communicate with your audience but the common thing for corporate business music is that is should not be too distracting just support the message of the video. Some projects may require happy backgrounds while others require a strong uplifting motivating feeling to meat the audience. Inspiring uplifting background tracks is used when you want to inspire and motivate people and make them positive about your message so they can take action.

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Inspirational music for corporate events

Corporate collection. Over 100 tracks of corporate background tracks for all kind of inspiring motivational video presentations and events.




Happy Life_mp3.mp3

Motivational Energy. Uplifting motivational background music with catchy inspirational bright energetic confident atmosphere. Bright uplifting positive background track for uptempo exciting inspirational video film projects.

Muted electric guitar, piano, strings, claps, bass and drums in fast tempo 117 bpm.

Upbeat Motivation.mp3 Uplifting 3.mp3

Uplifting 3.  Happy upbeat light elevating background music with inspirational bright energetic motivational confident atmosphere. Palm muted guitar, piano, electric guitar, bass and drums in medium fast tempo. Bright uplifting positive pop background for uptempo exciting inspirational video film projects.

Upbeat Motivation. Upbeat Motivation is uplifting inspiring corporate background with positive atmosphere.
Inspirational gentle positive bright bed for successful motivating presentation, commercial advertise, timelapse, achievement, progress, technology, future etc.
Muted guitar, piano, acoustic guitar bass and drums in medium fast tempo.

Easy Going .mp3

Easy Going. Motivational upbeat light elevating music with inspirational bright fresh confident mood.
Palm muted guitar, pluck, piano, electric guitar, claps, bass and drums in medium fast tempo. Bright motivational catchy uplifting pop background for positive inspiring video film projects.

Inspiring Corporate.mp3

Inspiring Corporate. Inspirational business background music with a happy successful motivational confident feeling.
Use as inspirational commercial advertising video music and motivational presentation marketing film music, etc.

Easy Listening.mp3

Easy Listening. Inspiring corporate background music with successful motivational confident mood.
Upbeat inspirational commercial advertise, corporate uplifting video presentation, motivational team building, product marketing music, etc.

Successful background music for presentations

Easy listening underscores for creations online

Soft and Gentle.mp3

Soft and Gentle. is a calm ambient backing track in medium slow tempo with piano, harp and synth pad strings. 
Mood: reflective positive deep nice 
Made as nice quiet minimal underscore for documentary, nature scenes, travel, aerial drone footage, presentation, peaceful moments and more.


Light. is corporate ambient inspiring soft background with elegant dreamy cool chill uplifting atmosphere. 
Piano, electric guitar, harp, strings, bass, pads and drums in medium tempo. 
Inspiring soft ambient background music for your new awesome video project!

Relaxing Piano.mp3

Relaxing Piano. is a calm meditative music bed with relaxed ambient new age atmosphere in slow tempo with piano and bass. 
Made to be used as deep calm contemplative background music for meditation, relaxing and yoga. Tranquil beautiful emotional soundscape for reflections in a drama, documentary, nature scenes, TV etc.

Soft Ambient Inspiration.mp3

Soft Ambient Inspiration. Corporate ambient inspiring soft background track with elegant dreamy cool calm atmosphere. 
Piano, harp, strings, bass, pads and drums in medium tempo. 
Inspiring soft ambient background music for inspiring films!

Soft soundtracks for media projects

Ambient music is gentle and soft instrumental music made for media projects which need some inspiring mood with a more softer feeling. It's about to make an inspirational atmosphere for advertising and marketing with minimal movements. Ambient music is also good for nature and beautiful sunsets and similar films. Moby is one of the big composers together with Brian Eno in the genre ambient music. Since the Royalty free music libraries started out around 2005 on the internet the ambient music has become very popular to be used as background music in films and videos. Today many ambient tracks sounds like corporate music but with a more minimal soft feeling.

Corporate ambient backing tracks is often based around a chord progression which repeats. A kick drum is used for the beat and often a muted electric guitar is used for the melody.

You have also pieces with upbeat mood played by harps and pianos to fit the light happy feeling of the music.

There's of course also composer's who make soundscapes and atmopheres often together with piano, strings and synth's with chord voicing and simple melody's which fit perfect as backgrounds in a film.

Ambient music is also used in meditation and other relaxed settings, like yoga, pilates instruction films and in TV.

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If you want to use this background music in a film project, Click on the title to buy a license and a high quality wave file for your movie before you go online.

Feel the gentle mood

Relaxed calm emotion

Motivational Energy.mp3

1 Minute Enthusiastic. Corporate ambient inspiring soft background music with elegant dreamy cool calm atmosphere.

Made for a wide variety of applications like a beautiful inspirational soft commercial advertisement presentation video.

1 Minute Enthusiastic.mp3

Corporate Music for Licensing

Happy Life. Upbeat background music for videos. Happy Life is simple uplifting inspiring acoustic corporate background with cheerful positive folk atmosphere.