Scary Music for Licensing

Horror Music for Spooky Movies

From scary and eerie piano tracks to haunting tension builders and dark sinister drones. Send a shiver down the spine of your audience with these ominous terrifying tracks for $20/license.

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Horror on Halloween.mp3

 Horror on Halloween. Ominous spooky background music for scary movie scenes. Chilling eerie glockenspiel, piano and strings with a creepy spooky horror feeling. A lot of thrilling evil darkness for a brooding night. Made for evil dark background places. When hairy horror begins in a video, night stalking and ominous lurking underscore, cinematic horror music intro or as a soundtrack in a credit roll, dark foreboding haunting night scene, etc.

Creepy Orchestral Drone.  Scary creepy music with dark ominous drones, strings, deep dark brass, fx in slow tempo. Creepy music to terrify your audience in your next video!

Horror tension and suspense. Suspenseful dramatic tension track with restless feeling for spooky movie.

Suspenseful tension haunting panic. is a suspenseful dramatic track with a restless feeling for spooky thriller film, dark drama, etc.

Ominous evil exorcist. Evil, scary and creepy orchestral music. A guitar starts with a dark ominous feeling, string section building the up this horror track. Chilling powerful effects and spooky glockenspiel. Horror music like Freddy Jason elm street. Edgy building and foreboding underscore for evil film.

Ominous evil exorcist.mp3

Eerie feeling. Cinematic spooky underscore. Evil,dark scary orchestral background. This is Creepy thrills & chills all the way! Orchestral horror at the beginning then a haunting eerie piano with an ominous melody. Ramped up fear everywhere in your next dark horror project.

Evil omen. Evil scary music for horror or thriller movie. Inspired by John Carpenter's Halloween soundtrack. A suspenseful piano starts dark and evil. Chilling creeping fx in the second half. Haunting evil Horror Thriller music for dark psycho nightmare.

Evil omen.mp3 Eerie feeling.mp3 Suspenseful tension haunting panic.mp3 Horror tension and suspense.mp3

Suspenseful haunting night. Cinematic slow haunting underscore for crime movie or horror film. Piano and strings with drums in the end.

Suspenseful Haunting Night.mp3