Cinematic Piano Background Music for Videos

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Piano Collection. Over 150 tracks with different mood. The main part is dark beautiful solo piano tracks and meditative peaceful songs. There's also inspiring background tracks made as underscores for reality TV and advertising videos.

Piano Vibrant Cinematic.mp3

Piano Vibrant Cinematic. Cinematic piano music for videos. Cinematic minimal dark piano underscore with longing vibrant atmosphere.

 Use: documentary film, report, news, music bed in a drama movie, time lapse, reality TV etc.

Mood: minimal, deep, thoughtful, reflective, sad, sentimental

Calm emotional music for videos

Piano Music for Licensing

Cinematic Deep Piano.wavSad Minimal Piano.wavPiano Calm Cinematic.wav

Cinematic Deep Piano. Deep cinematic piano in slow tempo. Reflective calm solo piano with soft emotional feeling. Made as deep minimal underscore for narration film about wildlife and animals movie. Also good as a pulsating thoughtful underscore for documentary video. Soft airy piano with atmospheric calm emotion. I see birds flying south in a nature wildlife video.

Piano Calm Cinematic. Atmospheric cinematic reflective background score with calm vibrant atmosphere. Soft background piano for documentary film. Suitable as background music in a history movie or used as a background track for beautiful scenes in the nature. A river slowly moving and water waves sweeps around the stones and there's a soft breeze in the air.

Sad Minimal Piano. Thoughtful reflective cinematic slow sad background with sentimental serene feeling in slow tempo 50 bpm. Pensive emotional sadness is expressed by a quiet minimal solo piano. Use as sad minimal background music in a calm documentary video or concerned report. Beautiful quiet music bed for a miserable drama film. It’s a simple sad piano arpeggio in the background together with a minimal melody on top.

Soft music for films

Calm soft music has been a part of films ever since the beginning of movies. Sad tracks contribute significantly to the overall emotional quality of a film video production. And this is an aspect that makes a movie memorable.

Using slow music for video with emotional content is an excellent way of connecting the audience to whats happening on the screen. Peaceful piano music is perfect as underscore for cinematic emotional scenes in a documentary video.

Emotional background tracks is used by video directors to enhance the cinematography of the overall feeling. Sad music, in general is appealing and adding emotions to the picture.

The piano as instrument is also used a lot in advertising, commercials on TV, drama film. A romantic piano piece is also very common in wedding and love videos and any many other video projects.

I love to play the piano and spend about two hours everyday in the morning to play and compose new background music with piano as the main instrument in my compositions for videos.

Contemplative Piano.wav

Contemplative Piano. Thoughtful peaceful background music. Vibrant pulsating underscore for nature scenes. Very calm and gentle music for contemplative settings where you want an emotional touching little piano track to play along your message and video footage. I think it is usable together with pictorial scenes in a video with clouds and water waves.

Piano Slow Serious.mp3

Piano Slow Serious. Atmospheric cinematic piano music with poignant vibrant atmosphere.
Use as an underscore in a documentary when you want something minimal and quiet to support your vision in the background. Also good historical films about catastrophe, pollution, and global warming. A dark minimal piano piece for serious films. I see starving children in a infomercial commercial advertising video.

Sad Piano Deep Dark.mp3

Sad Piano Deep Dark. Sad emotional music bed with thoughtful reflective mood. A rhythmic pulse is underlying with a dark serious feeling. It’s a very cinematic track inspired by Hans Zimmer’s song “Time” from the movie “Inception”.
Slow dark underscore for serious documentary movie. The world is about to wake up for a new day. Sunlight is shining through the window and the main character in the film getting dressed and ready for the new day.

Sad Piano Minimal.mp3

Sad Piano Minimal. This is a slow thoughtful cinematic music bed with sentimental emotion.
Begins with a few simple chords expressing the sadness and  the low-key feeling. A pad with strings is in the background with minimal movement. This piano piece is very good for sad documentary films and will fit in many different video projects. I see a long shoot camera angle of a landscape and the camera is zooming in on the screen.

Gentle Piano 2.mp3

Gentle Piano 2.  Sweet piano music with emotional appealing strings in medium tempo. Use as an opener in a reportage film. Great as underscore in many settings when you want something touching and moving to support your video film. The first minute is solo piano and in the middle of the song the strings come in the background in a nice way. This background track is good for a loving drama film with scenes while a narration voice is leading the story further in the video.

Elegant Piano.mp3

Elegant Piano. is cinematic beautiful inspiring background music!
Elegant dreamy music bed in medium tempo with solo piano for film and TV.
Storytelling in a fine natural simple way and suitable for happy ordinary scenes with everyday feeling. A classical piano piece with cheerful melodious mood. I see children playing in the garden which is flourishing during springtime.

Slow dark emotions for Home Movie

Pensive serious music for documentaries

Piano and Strings Inspiring.mp3

Piano and Strings Inspiring. Motivational cinematic track with piano, strings, cellos and violins.This royalty free music track will work great in any promotional corporate video, good for commercial advertising film, Youtube, time lapse footage. Track for sequences in a drama when things are happening and the storytelling evolves and for documentary film and many other video projects. Mood: cinematic elegant inspirational dramatic and engaging.

Cinematic Reflective Piano. Cinematic reflective background piano in slow tempo: 80 bpm. Deep calm solo track with a vague emotional feeling. Perfect as background music a documentary film. My absolutely most used piano track in videos and TV so far. It’s been used and broadcast in a TV program here in Sweden. I guess it is in a documentary nature film. I’ve also seen the track being used on YouTube videos as a background piano track.

Cinematic reflective piano.wav

Touching Piano and Strings. Piano track with strings, cello and violin perfect as emotional background music for TV commercials advertising, videos about nature, romantic woman in love, delicate fashion styling commercial, movie, romantic cinematic film scene, moving memorable moments, elegant emotional documentary film and more.

Mood: cinematic elegant inspirational soft and gentle.

Touching Piano and Strings_mp3.mp3

Inspirational Piano Melody. Inspiring piano music for videos. Inspiring piano background track with simple emotional uplifting feeling. Perfect as intro,commercial advertisement film, broadcast TV piano, travel background music, adventure movie, discovery, teaser, after effects, etc. Royalty free piano music for YouTube videos.

Inspirational Piano Melody_mp3.mp3