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Stock music composer stock music composer on pond5 Best Stock Music Sites on Internet

Background tracks for licensing and download for creative media

Pond5 is my absolute no 1 favorite place for royalty free music. Price range from 20 dollar and up. The most tracks costs between 20-40 dollar. They have a great wide selection of background tracks for every possible video creation. Over 500 000 music tracks to license and download previews of.

They have a very nice search function where you set price range, duration and tempo.

With the free Pond5 Add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro you put music files into your project without disrupting your workflow.

Audiojungle is another top site for licensing background music. A big diverse collection of music for all taste from 6 – 19 dollar exclude VAT. The price is based on the track length. They have a very cool search system. Either you just search for music or enter the different categories. Lets say you want a soft romantic track with piano and violin. Then you go to the cinematic category, choose Romantic Sentimental and then you can search within those results and even first choose different tags for the music you’re looking for.

Productiontrax has been in this business for a very long time and several 100 thousands of royalty free music tracks ready to license and for instantly download into any media production. All tracks are available as high quality MP3 files, and many are also available as WAV files and lossless FLAC files. Highest-quality royalty free stock music. Here you enter your search now. The composer set the price and you’l find licensing prices from 5 dollar and up. The average I guess is around 40 dollar/license.

Motion Elements is a quite new royalty free stock market for video editors. I think they have an awesome web design.  Very good looking web pages and easy to navigate. They now have music too for licensing. You choose between mood, genre or category and you can also search by duration of the track, instrument, tempo, price.

The composer’s set their own price by but at least 15 dollar for a full length music track. I know that if you search and have a smaller budget you’ll find music from 5 dollars and up.

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The most popular place for licensing background tracks

A pretty new place with very good royalty free tracks

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